Technologies: Meteor, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS

For the same principle that I make all the apps I need so I don't rely on external services over the time, around 2007 I made a simple webapp — that is still online — called Go, which in a nutshell is a bookmarking tool. I made Go when PHP5 was just out, using simple tools and almost no frameworks. 9 Years later — and thousands of bookmarks collected — I decided to make a brand-new product with a shiny interface and built on a solid foundation such as Meteor.

Fragments (that's how I called it) can organise your links, articles, fragments of text, etc... as visual boards, which are very similar to what Pinterest does when you pin items in it.

Organise your links and articles as beautifully generated visual boards.

The service is currently in beta as I am still building it, but you're more than welcome to give it a go and let me know your feedback so I can refine the product before public launch.

I've actually decided not to spend too much time on development and keep it as open-source, while adding little features from time to time.