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Technologies: C#, XAML, Windows Phone, YouTube, API

Sometimes we use very complex apps to do very simple things. Of course some other times we have less than we actually need, but that's not the case of EasyTube.

Did never happened to you to have a friend whom you want to show a video (that you actually know) from your smartphone? EasyTube was made for cases like this, where you just want to search for a video and play it - not regarding of channels / people / comments / whatever else.

The slickest YouTube experience

It's dead simple. Just open the app and type your query in the only one field that is shown to you. Then, hit the return button and wait for your live results! That's it! Need a recap? If you are in a hurry and you just need to search for a video and play it (of course in high definition), EasyTube is there for you - and of course its completely free! Download EasyTube for Windows Phone