Marketing website


Technologies: Bancha, Grunt, After Effects

At some point, a few months after releasing your app, if the app was successful and keeps growing up, there could be the need to create a website for it, and that's where our today's story begins. Collector is a top-notch news-reading app that I made last April. You can read more about it in its post on my blog here.

The team that made the website was essentially the same that made the app: I, as a developer, and Michela as a designer.

We used the most recent technologies in creating this full-responsive to mobile website although we're not running any server-side framework on it, as Michela decided to opt for a sleek and fresh single-page website.

However, the frontend was built using Grunt as compiler, and Lemonade, a cool new responsive grid made by this guy. Of course we used a sprite to deliver all the image assets, and sass to write faster and better our CSS.

We also won a design award by CSSAwards

The best thing about working on the website, were the little and hidden things that Michela added on the layout.

For example, when you mouse over our faces you'll see a gallery of things we like - moreover clicking on the little email icon will show you a tiny contact form to say hello to just one of us. 

This and some other things like the tiles - that flips for real like Windows Phone home screen - added what we usually call sugar, and makes the difference between something, and something better.

There's just one way to tell us if you like it or not, and you'll see how here on the website