Leaving Quipper

11 years ago
2 min read

On June 2012 I moved from Italy to London, and just a few days after arriving here I joined Quipper, which is one of the best start-ups that I've ever seen.

Quipper's aim is to revolutionise the way people learn and share knowledge. They want learning to go mobile, across the world. Across a variety of mobile and desktop apps, and working with them for more than one year has been a pleasure.

Both on marketing and technical sides, they always were very capable and I really enjoyed working with such a great team.

Sadly, last August I left as before coming back to Italy I would like to have a different kind of experience - on a different target - here in London.

I really miss those old days where we played table-football and had our traditional weekly share-meeting (drinking beer, of course) with the Japan office, sharing our progress and achievements.

All over the world

I believe Quipper's power lies in its multi-cultural team that joins people from far countries like Japan, to most of the European countries here - not to mention small ones that honestly I didn't even know that they exist before joining Quipper :-)

Closing up this little post, I would like to say thank you again to all Quipper's team, especially the CEO (Masayuki Watanabe) and CTO (Masatomo Nakano) and wish Quipper good luck for all their future products - which I'm sure they will succeed.