From idea to execution, faster

9 years ago
1 min read

During the past few weeks, I've been experimenting and learning about Meteor, a full-stack Javascript framework to build realtime/reactive apps in literally no time. I'm talking about hours instead of weeks of development. Don't believe it? Follow me here below.

What makes Meteor different from any other framework I've tried is how simple makes building all the layers of the app with just a few lines of code. Meteor takes care of 99% of your usual tasks, like building APIs, fetching and saving data from the client, and much more.

I'm currently building a new realtime product using Meteor, and I can't wait to launch it and see what people think about it. I'm actually very confident about the technology stack, Meteor simplifies everything so much, that iterating and adding a new feature takes a week.

Update: here's Gakusei, a webapp made with Meteor that I just released as open-source, and here's also Fragments which I'm currently working on.